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Web Analytics in Wellington


To improve internet marketing, web analytics is one of the most effective tools. With the help of web analytics data, marketers can access information like how much traffic is coming to the website, what are the sources of that traffic, how users are interacting with their website, and more.

Web analytics is measuring and analysing the web data to understand and optimise website usage. Our expert web analytics team follows a simplified process for better web analytics results.

There are various factors taken into account for web analytics. These factors include traffic sources, engagement rate, bounce rate, visitor flow, content quality, conversion rates, page load time, user behaviour, audience age or demographic information, and more.


Our web analytics experts develop strategies for tracking different aspects of web traffic to your website.


After discussing and finalising the strategies, we implement the strategies to get better results.


By implementing the strategies, we can evaluate the things working for and against the website. This is helpful in brainstorming more ideas for the analytics goals.

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User Analytics
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Behavioural Analytics
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